After winning hearts all over Denmark and a successful Malmo,Stockholm The South Indian, your destination for South Indian Chettinad cuisine in the Nordics, is all set to make a grand entry into Helsingborg with its flagship restaurant in the city!!

The authenticity of our food has been our pride and our cooks are specially brought in from the Chettinad region of India to give you a taste to remember. We welcome all vegans, vegetarians and meat & fish lovers to our restaurant at S:t Jörgens plats 8, 252 20 Helsingborg

The South Indian Helsingborg
S:t Jörgens plats 8
252 20 Helsingborg

Opening Hours
Friday 11:00 A.M - 10:00 P.M
Saturday 11:00 A.M - 10:00 P.M
Sunday 11:00 A.M - 10:00 P.M
Monday 11:00 A.M - 09:30 P.M
Tuesday 11:00 A.M - 09:30 P.M
Wednesday 11:00 A.M - 09:30 P.M
Thursday 11:00 A.M - 09:30 P.M
Call us for booking a table. +46 763 918 881

*We undertake catering orders, party orders in and around Helsingborg.